New Patient Overview

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Thank you for considering Christie MD for your functional medical care! We are committed to doing our best to help with your health goals and well-being.

Dr. Christie is offering a free 15-minute Discovery Consultation, whether or not you choose to become a patient. This is a chance for you to speak with Dr. Christie to determine if you would like to further pursue a patient-physician relationship with her. This is not intended to discuss treatments or other medical recommendations.

To determine the root cause of your health concerns and formulate an effective plan, we start with extensive health questionnaires. While these may ask questions that initially seem irrelevant to you, they provide us, and ultimately you, with very good insight into any potential imbalances that may need to be addressed. We also use nutritional analyses, conventional blood work, and various innovative screening tests such as digestive profiles and hormone analysis to develop a highly targeted program that will help you reach your health goals.

At the initial visit please allow ​2 hours​ to be in our office. ​Direct out physician for the initial visit is 1.5 hours, which will go faster than you would think​!

During this initial visit, Dr. Christie will get more detailed information from you, directly address your questions, concerns, and expectations, and give you an overview of what is recommended for you – even as we are thoroughly discussing thoughts about your underlying physiology and medical condition(s). In addition, we ask that you bring any pertinent laboratory data or prior medical or surgical history data (from other consultations) for review and discussion that has not already been submitted.


Christie MD Functional and Aesthetic Medicine does not accept any insurance.

Christie MD Functional and Aesthetic Medicine is a fee-for-service practice.


“Why direct pay physicians? This model benefits patients by providing substantial savings and a greater degree of access to, and time with, physicians. The direct pay physicians approach allows doctors to care for the whole person while reducing the overhead and negative incentives associated with fee-for-service third-party-payer billing. Benefits include: more time with patients, simplified payment structure and administrative burden”. (Excerpt from the American Academy of Family Physicians). Decisions are between the physician and patient and subsequently outcomes are improved as people tend to be more engaged when they are in control. There are no comprehensive functional medicine health care insurance plans available. The only contract is between Dr. Christie and her patients and she works directly for them.

New Patient Package

Initial consult package is a $1,190 value discounted to $1,000 and includes the following:

Service Description Value
Discovery Consultation
  • A 15-minute discovery consultation via phone or telemedicine. This is a chance for you to speak with Dr. Christie to determine if you would like to further pursue a patient-physician relationship with her. This is not intended to discuss treatments or other medical recommendations.
Initial Consultation with
Dr. Christie
  • 90 minutes face-to-face meeting with Dr. Christie including a full body composition analysis (body and visceral fat, body water, muscle mass and more), a detailed history, physical exam, review of records of prior tests. Note: due to Covid 19 this may be done via telemedicine however a face-to-face appointment will need to be done in the future.
  • Review of diet and lifestyle, evaluation of change-readiness.
  • Decide appropriate labs to order.
  • Creation of Wellness Plan with patient participation which includes practical food plans, movement recommendations that align with Dr. Christie’s recommendations and your health care goals.
Records Review
  • Before and after the initial consult with Dr. Christie.
  • Test results from conventional and functional lab testing. Cost of tests is NOT included.
Initial Follow-Up
  • Detailed review of functional labs ordered from initial consult.
  • Additional comprehensive treatment recommendations with targeted, personalized nutraceuticals depending on your lab results.
  • Review of lifestyle changes progress since prior visit.
Communication and Coordination
  • Between the initial consultation and the last follow-up visit, communication to clarify instructions, plan testing and follow-ups are at no additional charge as long as the emailed (via secure portal) questions are addressing the same concerns as the initial visit.
  • New health concerns or extended communications will require additional charges for phone, telemedicine, or office visit
  • Subsequent follow-ups vary depending on the time, complexity and nature of the visit as follows: 30 minutes $180, 45 minutes $270, 60 minutes $360.
  • Dr. Christie does telemedicine consults as well if you are unable to physically be at the office, although you will need to be seen in person at least once annually.
  • Labs, supplements, and nutraceuticals are priced separately.